Online registration and administration for school childcare

Web application for the registration and administration of places in the open all-day school

School child care is a complex service. Many people and institutions are involved in financing, planning, administration and implementation.

The increased complexity and the expectations of those involved make a change necessary.

Reconciliation of work and family life and equal opportunities for all children require the expansion and modernisation of the care system.

The school authority of tomorrow provides an innovative, modern and transparent information platform, registration and administration for all parties involved. Digitalisation and environmentally conscious action are central issues of our time.

The range of school childcare services is very large and confusing. I often feel overwhelmed and therefore I would like a transparent platform.
by Beatrice (mother of three sons)
I want to spend more time with the children and not constantly keep lists.
by Catarina (Social pedagogue)

School childcare is available in the following cities

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Schorndorf

Stadt Schorndorf


We are happy to advise cities individually on the implementation of their school childcare:

+49 07621-9515700

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the organisations providing care.