Online registration and administration for school childcare

A lot of paperwork, time consuming and complicated?

-digital, fast and easy registration with SKiB-

Registration for school child care School child care is a complex service.

Many people and institutions are involved in financing, planning, administration and implementation. Therefore, school child care must be well planned and organised by the cities to ensure comprehensive care. We have developed the SkiB programme especially for this purpose. SkiB is simply integrated into the city's website. The children are then quickly and easily registered online by their parents or guardians.

We have thought of everything in the development of SkiB. This means that the program can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the city and the childcare situation. Smooth e-mail communication between the city, the organization and parents promotes harmonious cooperation. School years can be flexibly dated and your own contractual conditions can be easily incorporated. SkiB has been designed by us to be multilingual. This makes it easy to view the site in different languages and prevents comprehension problems. Thanks to our Mobile-Ready solution, parents can even register their children for school childcare while on the move, for example via smartphone. Since the registration of several children is done in one step and finally an overview is created as a pdf, the user-friendliness of the registration for school child care with Skib is guaranteed. And of course all this is DSGVO compliant.

Besides the functionality, the right design must not be missing. The adaptable corporate design creates a uniform look and a high recognition value. Colours can be adapted individually and your own logos can be integrated. It is also possible to register for school child care via a separate domain of the city.

With SkiB, we offer a harmonious overall concept that takes into account the needs of everyone involved. Thanks to the clearly arranged online registration and data processing, parents and employees save a lot of time and can concentrate on what is really important - our future - the children.

Here you will find an overview of the most important advantages of registering with SKiB:

  • fast and uncomplicated registration 
  • flexible tailoring 
  • Secure e-mail communication 
  • own terms 
  • Multilingual 
  • Mobile-Ready 
  • Overview as Pdf 
  • DSGVO Compliant

School childcare is available in the following cities

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Schorndorf

Stadt Schorndorf

Trägerschaft Marie-Luise-Schultze-Jahn. Trägerverein Betreuung e.V.

Trägerschaft Marie-Luise-Schultze-Jahn. Trägerverein Betreuung e.V.


We are happy to advise cities individually on the implementation of their school childcare:

+49 07621-9515700

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the organisations providing care.