Online registration and administration for school childcare

Every child has a legal right to all-day care

- All-day care/school childcare as a legal entitlement

The German government has decided on a legal entitlement to all-day schools.

It is expected that from the year 2026 parents will have a legal right to all-day care for their primary school children.

Legal entitlement to all-day childcare from 2026

Ganztagsbetreuung finanziert sich laut Gutachten praktisch selbst

But already today the care personnel is scarce with the carriers. Many vacancies cannot be filled.

With the help of SKIB, carriers can easily and uncomplicatedly digitize the organization and administration and thus save up to 80% on personnel in the administration. This personnel can now really pursue the work for which they are needed. The work on the child.

  • legal right 
  • Shortage of staff in childcare
  • More time on the child

School childcare is available in the following cities

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Lörrach

Stadt Schorndorf

Stadt Schorndorf


We are happy to advise cities individually on the implementation of their school childcare:

+49 07621-9515700

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact the organisations providing care.